GPL key notes

If you consider using the GPL license for your next project or you want to use already GPLed software you have to be aware of several basic things not to break the law.

The good information is that you can make money for your work. But you have to have in mind that realizing the GPL software auto

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The database migrations for the desktop application

Stack: Python, PyInstaller, Sqlite, Alembic

This short post shows how to perform an application database upgrade with new version of the application. It covers also the problem of the application packaging.

Database migration are performed with Alembic library. The database is checked and upgr

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Testing data-based algorithms

The article describes a proposal for solving a problem of evolution the complex algorithms, that operate directly on a database, when we have no unit tests, but we have got access to the real data, on which algorithms operate. Of course, most of the properly written algorithm, should not access

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WebSockets performance

Client-server architecture is a popular answer for multi-user, remote applications. Comparing with single-user programs working on the local machine, this architecture always has worse responsiveness. Today's world of multiuser, remote application is dominated by web technology. When starting a

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