Constructing quantum gates as matrices for a multi-qubit quantum systems


act directly on a single qubits. The question is how to extend the matrices to act on mulitqubit system that is represented by the column vector. This article gives short introduction into qubits and quantum gates, then it shows on the examples how to extends one and two qubit gates for multi qubit system using the matrix algebra. Read full text >>>

Grover algorithm explained with matrices calculus


This article goes through "Qiskit Textbook Grover's algorithm" explaining it in more details, showing how to apply quantum Gates as the matrix calculus. Grover's algorithm is being described as a searching algorithm for the unstructured database. However, this example shows, how to perform the Groover's algorithm, to make a quantum system to reveal the marked states. Read full text >>>

Compressing bit strings in qubits using superposition effect


The aim of this tutorial is to show you how quantum computers can store information encoded in a bit string using significantly fewer qubits than classical bits. It is possible thanks to the superposition effect. I will try to explain it through the example. Read full text >>>

Wprowadzenie do budowy komputerów kwantowych

Quantum Polish

Artykuł ten dostarcza podstawowych informacji o komputerach kwantowych. Omawiane są podstawy fizyczne na który komputer kwantowy działa. Wskazywane są potencjalne pola zastosowań. Przedstawiono również wybrane cztery układy na bazie których budowane są kubity oraz pokrótce omówiono zasady ich działania. Read full text >>>