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If external servers are blocking access from our IP (blacklist), one solution is to swap the gateway in the private network, through which machines access the Internet.

  1. Network > Gateway
  2. Remove the existing Gateway and create a new one

Private network addresses of your machines, obtained by DHCP should not be changed.

As a result of this operation, there may be situations where Floating IPs pointing to instances in the network stop working, even though everything looks OK in the OVH panel. Then, you need to enter through the Horizon panel and there perform the detachment and reassignment of the floating IP to the instance anew.

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Sending email from cron

Use the MAILTO environment variable to send any output generated by your script to your email address.
0 */2 * * * /bin/

If your script normally produces output but you don't care about it in cron, just sent it to /dev/null and it'll email you only when something is written to stderr.
0 */2 * * * /bin/ > /dev/null

#linux #cron

Readwise - a game-changer in reviewing valuable book highlights. Now I receive them in my email daily like clockwork. 📚💼


Run wireguard client on linux

cp wg0.conf /etc/wireguard
wg-quick wg0

#linux #wireguard

For the first time in the world, we succeeded in synthesizing the room-temperature superconductor (Tc ≥400 K, 127C) working at ambient pressure with a modified lead-apatite (LK-99) structure.


Automate Postgres psql authentication

❯ cat ~/.pgpass

> cat ~/.zshrc | grep PGHOST
export PGHOST=localhost

#soft #postgresql

W systemie KLL-ERP, produkcję w toku wycenia się według rzeczywistych kosztów wytworzenia włącznie z kosztami bezpośrednimi i pośrednimi. Dzięki temu firma może zidentyfikować obszary, w których można zaoszczędzić koszty i zwiększyć zyski.

KLL-ERP Produkcja w toku


Simple, short, and well-organized course. It will give you a quick insight into the basics of prompting techniques.

Short course ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers

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Testing emails generated by saas platform against spam filters: