Journal of my recent activities

I developed the quantum program in Qiskit SDK, solving the famous Maximum Cut Problem for three nodes, using the Full Adder for counting edges for the oracle.


Implementing Grover's algorithm for two qubits - with and without ancilla qubit.


Creating a unified data source for the ERP Production module for comparing normed materials and estimated times versus real usage and worker time.


Quantum Full Adder completed.

Started the training DNA: Droga Nowoczesnego Architekta

Handling error pages in Flask, not causing the error avalanche.

#soft #flask

Reverse string in python

txt = "Hello World"[::-1]

#soft #python

Presentation "Storing bitstrings in qubits" at BBdays4 IT, the IT conference for developers. Talking how quantum computers works., how quantum algorithms are implemented. Showing real examples of quantum programs.


According to Quantum Mechanic and No-cloning theorem perfect cloning is not possible. The key thing is superposition. Even if we know everything about the parts of the system, we don't have the full knowledge about the full system. We can simply visualize that with the simple math operation:

\( (A + B)^2 = A^2 +2AB +B^2 \)

is not the \(A^2 + B^2\). It is not enough to look only at the parts of the system and try to apply the same operation as on the full system.