Journal of my recent activities

Praca Zdalna Poradnik

Jeszcze w trakcie pisania, ale dla nagle rozpoczynających przygodę z pracą zdalną solidna baza do startu.

Blinking the LED through the network with the micorpython REST server.


Implementing a git branching model for a new project:

devel : feature > devel > master : tag (main version)
master : hotfix 
    > master : tag (minior version) 
    > devel

Client's release candidate (RC) installations are working on devel. Client's production installations are working on master:tag.

A successful Git branching model

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Experimenting with Qt5 using tech stack: Qt Creator, Python3, Qt, PySide2, Sqlite.


$$ {\boldsymbol {\tau }}=\mathbf {r} \times \mathbf {F} $$ $$ \tau =\|\mathbf {r} \|\,\|\mathbf {F} \|\sin \theta $$



Exploring table partitioning using the inheritance technique.


Moving data to another (archive) table with one query:

WITH moved_rows AS (
    DELETE FROM box_magldno.serialno
    WHERE tms::DATE <='2018-12-31'
INSERT INTO box_magldno.serialno_2018
SELECT * FROM moved_rows;

WITH Queries

#sql #postgresql

Read the temperature and pressure from the BMP280 sensor, using the bmp280 driver and Micropython plugin for Pycharm:

from machine import I2C
from bmp280 import BMP280

bus = I2C(scl=machine.Pin(5), sda=machine.Pin(4))
bmp = BMP280(bus)
>>> 97679.8
>>> 21.68


Blinking the LED on the esp8266 with my son

import machine
pin = machine.Pin(2, machine.Pin.OUT)