Journal of my recent activities

Adding the site to Google Index by requesting the indexing trough the Google Search Console.


Redirect www to the non-www domain for better google search.

How To Redirect www to Non-www with Nginx on CentOS 7

#linux #nginx

Mathjax use: $$ for the separate line equation, ane \\( for the inline equations.

Creating snapshots in kvm.

$ virsh
virsh: snapshot-create-as --domain f20 --name 'f20-spice'
virsh: snapshot-list f20
virsh: snapshot-revert f20 --snapshotname f20-spice


Markdown bibliography and referencing [bib]

Inline [bib]

In the footnote [^bib]

I developed the quantum program in Qiskit SDK, solving the famous Maximum Cut Problem for three nodes, using the Full Adder for counting edges for the oracle.


Implementing Grover's algorithm for two qubits - with and without ancilla qubit.


Creating a unified data source for the ERP Production module for comparing normed materials and estimated times versus real usage and worker time.


Quantum Full Adder completed.