Journal of my recent activities

Setting up a time zone

list-timezones | grep Wars
sudo timedatectl set-timezone Europe/Warsaw
timedatectl status

How To Use Journalctl to View and Manipulate Systemd Logs


Improve the Font Rendering In Firefox

Create a file ~/.fonts.conf and put the contents from: StackExchange


Arduino RFID reader

micropython-mfrc522, micropython-and-rfid-rc522

#soft #arduino

Arduino light detector

import machine
a = machine.ADC(0)

#soft #arduino

Check internet speed connection from bash

curl -s | python -

speedtest-cli #linux #soft

Podman - Docker on Fedora system

How To Install Docker On Fedora 32 Or 31 (And Alternatives)

Savings 1.0. released!

Iterating over files in resources:

$ pyside2-rcc resources.qrc > 
import resources
it = QDirIterator(':/icon/icons8/')
while it.hasNext():
    self.icon.addItem(QIcon(, '')

#qt #python

Setup locale on the NextCloudPi (Debian)

vim /etc/locale.gen

#soft #linux